segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2009

I must confess it all started in Switzerland during my exchange year. Cycling began to be my passion and was certainly a very important part of the whole experience there and all over Europe.
Here in Porto Alegre things are a bit different, for sure. Bike lanes (when there is one) are seppareted from cars only by stripes, and most car drivers are not very bike-friendly. Cycling in traffic here is something that seems quite dangerous, I know, but it can be quite safe as long as you obey the rules of the road and exercise alertness and common sense. Consider wearing a helmet.
I am a bicycle lover myself but I detest the idea of having to park it everytime I go to the neighbourhood shop. I feel my bike is never safe enough from being stolen. I hope the situation will change once more people start to cycling.
Among other health reasons, with gas prices only an inch below the sky-limit and inflation growing agin, it is wise enough to device automobiles that put low burden on your wallet. I suggest you a bike. Apparently this is something our regional culture is working toward. I see more and more cyclers every day.
I suggest you to do it, and do it with style ;)

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  1. Once you experience normal cycling and the bike-culture, there's no turning back!

    Switzerland is wonderful for cycling. I cycled around Lake Zurich (in a skirt) while studying in Europe too.

    Looking forward to seeing Porto Alegre Cycle Chic! :)

    PS -- love the title photo & style